See Places You Never Knew You Wished To See

If a vacationer clicked on our MAP of Wisconsin vacation rentals with no idea of where they wanted to go, it could look somewhat overwhelming. That’s because there are so many great places in Wisconsin to see. There are destinations throughout Wisconsin for all types of vacationers. Those that love to water ski, hunt, relax by the water and read a book, or hangout with the family inside a cozy cottage. We know there are a lot of choices, that’s why we are here to help.

Solutions for the undecided Wisconsin traveler:

  1. Use the Narrow Your Search tool to find WI vacation rentals that meet your criteria. Just enter some information like the number in your party, rental setting, budget, etc. to find a group of Wisconsin properties that fit your needs.
  2. Ask around – family, friends, neighbors. See where they’ve gone or would like to go in WI. Then use our interactive MAP of WI to find properties in that specific area.
  3. This last idea is spontaneous, but it will surely be a fun-filled adventure. Print off our MAP and place it on the wall. Throw a dart at the map and see where it lands and viola there’s your destination.

Sometimes it’s not really where go. Throughout Wisconsin there are many activities and things to do in all regions. So stop stressing about planning your vacation, relax you’re on cabin time now.

                       Some popular WI vacation locations:

St. Germain          |          Eagle River          |          Twin Lakes


How to Choose Your Perfect WI Vacation Rental

Renting a vacation property in Wisconsin can lead to some of the best memories. For those that wish to have a weekend get-away; the cabins, cottages, and homes provide some modern amenities along with Wisconsin’s natural beauty. Even week-long vacation will never seem dull because of all the outdoor activities that WI offers. Winter travels lead to ice fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and of course hot cocoa. Travel in the summer months to enjoy water recreation such as water skiing, tubing, boating, and fishing. The Northwoods offers great hiking opportunities along with an endless amount of relaxation. is leading the way when it comes to connecting travelers to Wisconsin resorts and cabins. We offer 2 unique ways to search over 700 vacation cabins and resorts. Are you looking for specific WI locations? Use our interactive MAP to choose a location and compare different vacation properties. Spend the time to find a property that fits your criteria and then call or send an inquiry directly to the property owner.

Other vacationers use our Narrow Your Search tool which allows us to do much of the searching for you. Vacationers can select dates, WI regions, rental settings, pricing, party numbers, etc. With a press of a button, property rentals that fit your vacation criteria will appear on the right. From here select the property(s) that you’d like to here from. A contact form will appear below so you can send your personalized inquiry.

Relax and enjoy your search. You’re on cabin time now.


Ditch the Hotel — Choose a Vacation Cabin, Cottage, Lodge, or Home

Cabins, cottages, lodges, and homes in Wisconsin can be a great way to spend a week or weekend enjoying the outdoors. Many of’s owners are near some of the state’s most popular attractions like snowmobile trails in Mercer, the Fall colors in Door Country, popular ski areas, beautiful mountains in Northern WI, and of course the lakes and rivers.

Why choose a cabin, cottage, or vacation home versus a hotel?


  • If you do not want lousy neighbors, tight parking spaces and police sirens (as you would get in many hotels), try cabin rentals as an option.
  • Consider the view, cabins are usually in scenic areas.  Staying at a hotel may be nice now and then, but you mostly get a view of the parking lot or nearby building.
  • Privacy!


  • Staying at a single bedroom cabin may be priced similarly to a hotel, but you may have at least two or three times more room than you would have in your hotel room.
  • Even more money can be saved by buying and cooking your food instead of going out for lunch and dinner.

Experience –

  • Enjoy WI with friends and family – large cabins are also available for families or groups plus they are more economical than renting several hotel rooms.
  • You get a house to stay in instead of a single room – that’s more room to have fun.
  • The surrounding areas are usually excellent locations for all sorts of activities: hiking, bike trails, boating and water recreation.

See for yourself. Find your perfect cabin, cottage, lodge, or home on and start exploring WI today.